As companies reevaluate where they will work and how much space they need, it is important to consider ways you can improve your property to fit the needs of your tenants. Whether tenants are coming back with a hybrid work model or 100% capacity, amenities can help provide the attraction you need from both prospective and existing tenants.

With a continued emphasis on cleanliness and air quality for a healthier lifestyle, investing in a new HVAC system will allow tenants to feel more at ease spending time indoors with their colleagues. Improved air filtration can keep airborne illnesses at bay and contribute to the overall health of the employees that work in your building. Outdoor spaces have also become more valuable, allowing a respite for tenants to get fresh air and safely gather in larger groups. With many companies facing lease deadlines after postponing decisions during the pandemic, there has been an influx in demand for spec suites. Employers not only want a readily available space when transitioning back into the office, but they also place a high value on flexibility as they continue to evaluate what their post-pandemic needs will be.

Incorporating these amenities and upgrades into your buildings support the mission of our workforce coming back into the office. By providing safe and healthy environments for people to work, along with offering more flexibility as companies figure out what their needs are, you can be ahead of the curve when it comes to welcoming back new and existing tenants.